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Nowadays Pride has a variety of exclusive parts, shapes and technical decisions inside our products. The company has significantly broaden the range of action. Now we are importing a wide variety of products: high-quality amplifiers, different cables, TOP-Level accessories, PRO AUDIO and many much more, made by the authentic company`s draught
Pride – are the colleagues, who have mutual interests, who are moving towards the progression, who can learn something new every day and who give it to the final user. Company is growing every day and everyone of us is making a contribution to it. Every feedback and comment from a real customer are helping us to improve the final product
We escaped from the model “make big income from sales in a couple of years”. Our goal – Systematically developing, making our product better and allowing our customer be satisfied with the maximum input of the final product, which was made by the Pride Brand .

Our serial manufacturing has started in Kazan, Tatarstan Republic, what was related to some economic and geographic factors, which were important in making the decision. All this ended up with the registering the official company and brand-name Pride in 2014 on territory of Tatarstan Republic, in the capital-Kazan. The main goal of the company in the past, present and future will be creating high-quality product. “High-quality” product refers to both: to the final characteristics of the product and warranty/post-warranty service. Precisely, our service was distinguished from other brands. When a usual customer was purchasing a typical Asian-based product with different type of flaws, it meant that in case of breaking the equipment, the owner would face all problems with fixing the broken parts

Pride Company was established in 2013 by enthusiastic founders of the company. The owners were driven by vision of an honest company, that delivers quality product. The desire to show our customer a product, without the marketing delusion. Also, the desire to open a product, which will have equal characteristics inside and outside. Carelessly about the brand name and history
Step by step company was gaining experience and knowledge, which couldn’t be possible to get somewhere else. Pride were pioneers in serial manufacturing of TOP-class goods, which related to SPL branch in the car audio industry in the world.

Pride Speakers is the main product of our company. We have created unique quality sounds and possible very loud sound. you will not lose quality, and you can also show others how loud you are. Depending on the modular system, repairs can be made in 1 minute.

Pride cables made of the best oxygen-free copper (OFC) with a very flexible insulator. All our accessories have a great choice for every installation.

Pride Amplifiers produced by special order in Korea. We produce the best and time-tested models of CarAudio amplifiers. The amplifiers are 1-channel, 2-channel and 4-channel. From 600 watts to 25,000 watts for your subwoofers.