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Warranty service

In this section of the website, the procedure for warranty and post-warranty repairs is written in detail:

1.1 Warranty service and repair of PRIDE equipment in compliance with the requirements and standards of the manufacturer is carried out on the territory of Korea exclusively in the authorized service center (hereinafter “Authorized service center”).

1.2 the Authorized service center considers warranty claims in the presence of correctly filled warranty card. The warranty card is the only document confirming the right to warranty repair and maintenance of PRIDE products.

1.3 Without presenting the warranty card and the document(s) (product (cash) receipt, invoice, etc.) confirming the purchase of the goods of the PRIDE brand, the obligation to prove the fact and conditions of purchase lies with the buyer of the goods of the PRIDE brand.

1.4 the Warranty period is calculated from the date of sale of the PRIDE product to the buyer and is 12 (twelve) months.

2.1 During the warranty period are eliminated free of charge:

– damage caused by the use of low-quality material in the main parts of the goods;

– Assembly defects caused by the fault of the manufacturer.

2.2 the service Life of the product during operation in the framework of the manufacturer’s recommendations and in accordance with the operating instructions is 3 (three) years.

3.1 Warranty does not apply:

– for products not having a warranty or having a void warranty;

– on the PRIDE brand goods purchased by the buyer not from the official dealer*;

*the list of authorized dealers is specified in the contacts section

– on the goods having traces of third-party interference in its design by the user or other (third) parties;

– on products, control and alarm elements of which indicate violations of the operating conditions set out in the operating instructions to the product;

– on the product, during the diagnosis of which the facts of their use outside the operating conditions established by the manufacturer and set out in the operating instructions to the product are revealed;

– on the products having mechanical damages (cracks, chips, scratches, etc.) and the damages caused by influence of aggressive environments, high humidity, high temperatures, hit of foreign subjects in ventilating apertures of the thermally loaded elements of audio equipment, and also on the products having causal connection with conditions of the wrong storage of the product;

– on audio equipment with faults caused by overload (resulting in the failure of the speaker sound coil, power amplifier, etc.), the causes of which may be the operation and violation of the operating instructions of the equipment, as well as the use of equipment for other purposes, or the use of components (not brand PRIDE) audio system paired with parts of the brand PRIDE;

– the natural wear of parts of audio equipment (threaded connections, subject to constant operation, spring acoustic terminals and acoustic terminals for soldering, subject to natural wear, decorative elements in the form of protective grills, rubber pads, multiple dismantling/installation of which leads to a change in their initial shape, etc.).)

– for equipment with a remote, hidden, unreadable or changed serial number.

4.1 If the buyer needs to diagnose the PRIDE product, this type of work is carried out in the authorized service center of the company.

4.2 malfunctions Detected during the diagnosis, which fall under the warranty, are eliminated free of charge. All other cases are considered in consultation with the consumer in writing.

5. You can get additional information by email: