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How to order

To place your order, You need to do:

1. Select products
Sequentially select a group of products. For You page appears, where the goods, indicating the prices, as well as a small photo and some of the most important characteristics. By clicking on the link which shows the product model, You can find the most detailed list of interesting characteristics.

2. Put items in the shopping cart
Choosing your favorite model, click “Buy”. The product will be automatically added to Your shopping cart. You can put in the basket any number of products.

3. Your cart
To order, go to “shopping Cart”. Review its contents. You can change the item quantity in the cart, or remove something that You don’t need.

4. Place your order
To complete checkout You need to click on the button “Checkout”, enter your contact details.

5. Choose a payment type
After pressing the button “Send order”, you need to pay. After receiving payment the order will be given to the delivery service.

6. Sending an order
After sending your order, we will add information about the shipment to your personal account – Your orders.

If you have any questions please contact us: or WhatsApp
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