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GMC Sierra Audio Kit (2014-2018 GMC Sierra)

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Amplifier Pride Due

Pride Due is a two-channel class AB amplifier. Stably works at a load of 2 ohms per channel, or 4 ohms in the “bridge on” mode of the channels.
The power of each of the two channels is 75 W for a load of 4 Ohms or 100 W for a load of 2 Ohms, at a voltage of 14.4 V and K.N.I. 1%.

Range of reproduced frequencies, Hz 15 – 30000

RMS rated power of 2 ohms, number of channels x W 100
RMS rated power of 4 ohms, number of channels x W 75
RMS rated power at 4 ohms, bridge, W 200

You can install a quality solution for Your car and connect 2 channel speakers or Twitters. It is possible to work in 2 Ohms.
Quality of Korea.

Speakers Pride Ruby Air 8 v2

A new line of speakers products. Lightweight series acoustics-AIR Series.

The speaker is very light. At the same time it is the legendary Pride Ruby line with the clear, smooth tonal balance and loud sound.

Speaker size-8″
RMS (rated power) – 150W
Frequency range, Hz-100 Hz-8 kHz
Impedance – 4 ohms


Complete set of sales:
Ruby Air 8 v2 – 1 pairs
ABS Gasket 8″ – 2 pcs
Carton box

Single 8″ Speakers for Front Door of 14-18 GM Full Size Pickup Speaker Pods

8″ Speaker:

Mounting Face Diameter: 8.4″
Cutout Diameter: 7″
Speaker Mounting Depth: ~3″


Amplifier Pride Due

Technical feature
2 Ohm Power 100 W x 2
4 Ohm Power 75 W x 2
4ohm Power Mono 200 W x 1
Frequency Response 15 Hz - 30 KHz
Signal to Noise 100 dB
Efficiency @ 4ohm Over 65%
Damping Factor > 200
Input Sensitivity 8V-0,3V
High Pass Filter 20 Hz - 8 KHz
Low Pass Filter 50 Hz - 8 KHz
Strap Connection No
Fuse Rating 30 A
Physical feature
Length 200 mm
Height 53 mm
Width 220 mm
Color Black

Speakers Pride Ruby Air 8 v2

Technical feature
Nominal impendance 4 Ohm
Voice coil winding material Cooper wire
Effective radiation area 235 cm3
Power Handling 150 W (HPF 24dB/oct. on 100 Hz)
Frequency response 100 Hz - 8 kHz
Physical feature
Magnet's material Hybrid magnet
Magnetic core material electrical steel
Outer diameter 211 mm
Mounting diametr 189 mm
Mounting depth 74 mm

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