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Honda Civic Audio Kit (2012-2015 Civic Sedan)

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Amplifier Pride Due

Pride Due is a two-channel class AB amplifier. Stably works at a load of 2 ohms per channel, or 4 ohms in the “bridge on” mode of the channels.
The power of each of the two channels is 75 W for a load of 4 Ohms or 100 W for a load of 2 Ohms, at a voltage of 14.4 V and K.N.I. 1%.

Range of reproduced frequencies, Hz 15 – 30000

RMS rated power of 2 ohms, number of channels x W 100
RMS rated power of 4 ohms, number of channels x W 75
RMS rated power at 4 ohms, bridge, W 200

You can install a quality solution for Your car and connect 2 channel speakers or Twitters. It is possible to work in 2 Ohms.
Quality of Korea.

Speakers Pride Ruby Air 6.5

Pride Ruby AIR 6.5 – the new mid-range speakers from Pride.
The model is characterized by high sound quality and has a solid aluminum radiator MS.
Re (Nominal Resistance / Impedance), Ohm (Ω) 4

Size – 6.5 inch

Complete set of sales:
Ruby Air 6.5″ – 1 pairs
ABS Gasket 6.5″ – 2 pcs
Carton box

Single 6.50 in for Rear Door 12-15 Honda Civic Sedan 4 Door Speaker Pods

This is a set of speaker pods designed specifically for your 2012 to 2015 Honda Civic Sedan’s with a 4 Door. This set of speaker pods consists of a speaker layout made up of a Single 6.50 in speaker setup. This set of speaker pods can be manufactured with your choice of color or pattern. Look below and select your options.

Amplifier Pride Due

Technical feature
2 Ohm Power 100 W x 2
4 Ohm Power 75 W x 2
4ohm Power Mono 200 W x 1
Frequency Response 15 Hz - 30 KHz
Signal to Noise 100 dB
Efficiency @ 4ohm Over 65%
Damping Factor > 200
Input Sensitivity 8V-0,3V
High Pass Filter 20 Hz - 8 KHz
Low Pass Filter 50 Hz - 8 KHz
Strap Connection No
Fuse Rating 30 A
Physical feature
Length 200 mm
Height 53 mm
Width 220 mm
Color Black

Speakers Pride Ruby Air 6.5

Technical feature
RMS 100W
Effective Radiation Area 147 cm2
Impedance 4 Omh
Power handling 100 W (HPF 12 dB/ oct. on 125 Hz)
The Renge of frequencies to Reproduce  125Hz - 10 kHz
Physical feature
Magnetic core material Electrical steel
Magnet material Hybrid magnet
Outer Diameter 173,5 mm
Voice coil material Copper wire
Mounting Diametr 150mm
Mounting Depth 65 mm
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