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Comfortmat Blockshot

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$ 7.50

Blockshot is a multilayer material that combines sound and heat-insulating material, and a new generation acoustic membrane. The mounting layer is our new unique AdiT adhesive sealant. The material consists of 3 layers: a membrane with high-density acoustic mastic, sound-absorbing material and adhesive sealant.


Thickness, mm – 7
Sheet Size, mm – 500 x 700
Sheet weight, kg – 1.8
Specific weight, kg / m2 – 5.14
Adhesion to metal, N / cm – 6-8
The number of sheets in the package – five
Moisture resistance of the material – YES
Glue – moisture resistant

Comfortmat BlockShot is a high performance soundproofing material. Thanks to the soundproofing membrane, BlockShot blocks noise up to 80%, preventing them from entering the car interior. The material is 100% moisture resistant and does not absorb water.

Key features and benefits of Comfort mat Blockshot:

High level of sound insulation – up to 30 dB (average isolation level of “top” materials of competitors – 20 dB)
Convenience and high speed of installation
Material does not lag behind surfaces with a negative angle
Green, super sticky, moisture-proof sealant adhesive
The material does not peel off from complex (curved) surfaces
Does not absorb moisture, does not rot
Material does not peel off at elevated temperatures

Price per 1 sheet

The material is mounted in a second layer on top of vibration insulation materials in places with particularly strong noise loads: wheel arches the bottom of the cabin trunk partition of the engine compartment.
Noise reduction Convenient to mount on both simple and complex relief surfaces Increased material adhesion Maintains operability in the winter and in the summer
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