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Process and fill out the form

  1. Preparing broken products
  2. You should deliver to the us
  3. Fill out the form on the website
  4. Waiting for a decision
  5. We confirm
  6. We will send you the repaired product to the address you provided.

Dear customer. You have to fill in all the fields. We take data from your personal account and the address of the book. If the data is not correct, then you have to make changes.

You must send the products for repair to: 20725 N.E. 16th Avenue, Suite A39, Miami, FL, 33179, phone number is ‭+1 (407) 337-0233‬
or or give the broken product to the nearest dealer. After that, add the tracking number when filling out the form.

If we receive products without these data, then the products for repair will wait for the this form. Paid storage will start in 5 days without a completed form

Dear customer. You must be registered to fill out the form for repair.