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The order of receiving the product for the repair or diagnostics

The transfer of the product to the repair department in order to go through the diagnostic, repair and other procedures has some special details

The most important terms and conditions:

The original box, in which product was purchased, for the opportunity of transporting the product into the repair department

A product without the signs of the side penetrations inside the carcass or its` individual parts, will give us the best conditions in finding the reason of breakage. The serial number must be readable. You can find it on the box, product`s body or on the other part, which has to be found by the seller. The serial number must match the number on the warranty ticket

The filled out warranty ticket, what will give you a right of using all provided services, which can be done by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you will need to wait for the help from the seller`s side, because we won`t be able to identify our product and to be sure in its` official sale

Highly recommended to have your Last name(First name is optional) and cell number of the sender on the anterior side of the box. Very convenient and easy way is to put a piece of paper tape or a sticker on the product`s body with you Last Name and cell number. This easy thing, will make the process of repair much faster

Please let us know what is the reason for the repair or diagnostics. Complex Diagnostics won`t be free, unless you are telling us about the problem. The most easiest way is to put a sheet of paper with the description of the problem inside the box, which you will send and we will receive at our repair centre

Necessary fact of the paid shipping “Door to Door” into our Repair Department. All expenses will be under the sender`s responsibility until the final check and result. The seller and buyer are agreeing with this question, under the regulation of the Korean law-system

If you have any other questions, please send a message with your question on our e-mail. Our contact information you can find under the section “Contact Us”